Thursday, May 22, 2014

My first weblog interview - It's a great website for readers, so feel free to check it out!

This interview with Megan Cyrulewski was a delight for me.

Megan has a wonderful blog and website.  I think any reader or author will find it fascinating.

Also, as I mentioned, there's my interview.

Thanks again to Megan.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great Photo from a Reader

Great Photo from a Reader

I haven't seen promotional material for any novel that looks as good as this wonderful photo composed by Mey Saelee-Fullington.  Thanks Mey.

Everybody else, break out the wine and stoke up the fireplace.

Also, take a look at this one.  These would be wonderful promotional photos.  These are better than a lot of the professional stuff.  Possibly, this is true because Mey is a reader and is using her considerable talent to aid me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time to Develop Another Skill

Time to develop another skill.

I'm referring to promotion.  To be more specific, promoting my books.

"Beyond the Law" is my second novel.  It's a good piece of work, but it is clear to me that I am doing a poor job of creating interest and reaching out to people outside of my immediate geographic area.

So it's time to learn what I need to know about reaching out to strangers.

I sent out my first query for an interview.  We shall see how this develops...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Are German Americans the largest ancestry group in America?

Are German Americans the largest ancestry group in America?

I never would have guessed this.  Even now, I'm wondering if this Wikipedia article is correct.
It claims that, at 50 million people, German-Americans are the largest ancestry group.

Funny, in American fiction or media entertainment, it doesn't seem this way.

Just like you wouldn't know that some people maintain that English was once a dialect of German.  Look at the Canterbury Tales in Middle English and see if you can see the similarities ("unbokled is the malle").

Mind you, as a result of the disturbance in 1066, 60% of the current English language consists of words that were French (d'originne francais).

I have to admit that I have never heard of the "German-American Steuben Parade" or "German-American Day", but everyone knows about Octoberfest.

Article from Wikipedia below:

German Americans (GermanDeutschamerikaner) are Americans who were either born in Germany or are of German ancestry. They comprise about 50 million people,[1] making them the largest ancestry group ahead of Irish AmericansAfrican Americans and English Americans.[5] They comprise about 13 of the German diaspora in the world.[6][7][8]
None of the German states had American colonies. In the 1670s the first significant groups of German immigrants arrive in the British colonies, settling primarily in New York and PennsylvaniaImmigrationcontinued in very large numbers during the 19th century, with eight million arrivals from Germany. They were pulled by the attractions of land and religious freedom, and pushed out of Europe by shortages of land and religious or political oppression.[9] Many arrived seeking religious or political freedom, others for economic opportunities greater than those in Europe, and others for the chance to start fresh in the New World. The arrivals before 1850 were mostly farmers who sought out the most productive land, where their intensive farming techniques would pay off. After 1840, many came to cities, where "Germania"—German-speaking districts—soon emerged.[10][11][12]
German Americans established the first kindergartens in the United States,[13] introduced the Christmas tree tradition,[14][15] and originated popular American foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers.[16] Like many other immigrants that came to the United States, an overwhelming number of people of German or partial German descent have essentially become americanized.
German American celebrations are held throughout the country, one of the most well-known being the German-American Steuben Parade in New York City, held every third Saturday in September. Also traditional Oktoberfest celebrations and the German-American Day are popular festivities. There are major annual events in ChicagoCincinnatiMilwaukeePittsburghSt. Louis and other cities.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

For a young country, this is relatively old silver

Fifty cent piece - nothing special about this coin.  It isn't all that rare.  It isn't all that expensive.  When this coin was minted, Andrew Jackson was the president. Abraham Lincoln and Edgar Allen Poe were both 21 years old. As I recall, $800 per year was an ordinary income during Poe's life.  He never earned more than $800.  If a person worked 260 days to earn that money, then one day's labor would gain 6 of these.  There were those who worked hard and earned less.

This coin was probably passed from pocket to purse until well after the American Civil War some 30 years after its minting.  I don't know when coins like this one became collectable.