Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Now Available on Kindle - Matt Rommel returns in Beyond the Law

Matt Rommel returns in Beyond the Law.  Retired from the marine corps and the California department of corrections, Matt Rommel still wants the peace and contemplation that a life as a museum docent was supposed to provide.  But there are complications:

Rommel has a mysterious house guest, an old pensioner from Rommel’s past, an old pensioner who knows Rommel’s secrets and has come to extract a terrible favor.

Carolyn has post-traumatic stress disorder.  Her seven-year-old daughter, Aubrey, is shifting the balance of power on the school ground and she has a seventy-year-old retired master gunnery sergeant to help her do it.

Rommel’s godson, Vince Garcia has made detective, and his boss wants Matt Rommel in Jail.

And finally, the head of the largest mercenary army in America has found the one thing guaranteed to drive Rommel rampaging over the edge.

We uploaded the novel yesterday afternoon. Between then and now, I must have checked Amazon dozens of times, waiting for its release.

The paperback version will be out in a couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this process.

Friday, November 15, 2013

So, what's a galley?

So, what's a galley?

Well, if you're chained to the oar in a Roman ship, you're in a galley.
Not coincidentally, if you are chained to the kitchen in a boat or a ship, you are also in a galley.

A sheet with camera ready art and copy to be approved for publication in a magazine is a galley.

And, what I am working through, the final - final draft before e-publication, yes, that's a galley too.  I love the way my manuscript looks, the way the pages lay out.  I love the story, of course, but I really love the look of the thing as a work of art.  This is my final chance to capture little flaws before publication as a Kindle e-book.  We are right there on the precipice.  It's happening.

I will have to do this again for the paperback version.  The pages lay differently.  For instance, chapters only begin on the right hand page.  That changes the pagination slightly.

Push, push, push, push.  It's all going to happen and soon.

Beyond the Law - Look for it. 

ps: Not the old Charlie Sheen movie, the new Matt Rommel adventure.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Matt Rommel returns in "Beyond the Law"

Even after the last draft is written, there are endless details to be resolved before a book can launch. 

This time, though.  This time, all the stars are aligned and a new Matt Rommel adventure, Beyond the Law, will be available this month (November),

Sunday, we have a photo shoot for the cover (what you see above is a draft).  After that, input to Kindle, a LAST review of the galley and out to the public, first in Kindle and, shortly after, in paper back.

For those kind souls who have stuck with us, thank you.  This is the last of the promises.  This month, from me to you.

We will also be re-releasing Brand Loyalty in paperback.  This is more for those who are new to Matt, and Carolyn and Aubrey, and Chesty the one-eyed, food aggressive survivor of the dog fighting ring.

Again, I want to thank those to whom I have promised and promised. 

Beyond the Law is the story of Black Horizon, one of America's mercenary armies.  Such firms earned billions in Iraq and Afghanistan, free to kill with impunity, answerable to no one. 

When Hurricane Katrina laid waste to Louisiana and Mississippi, many of these same firms were brought in to employ the same tactics in the United States, leaving septuagenarian, and retired chief master gunnery sergeant Patrick Michael Gilhooley no legal recourse for the atrocities that have destroyed his life.

Beyond the Law is a work of fiction.  Any similarity between the organizations or persons in this novel and any actual organizations or persons, living or dead, is a complete and utter coincidence.