Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Now Available on Kindle - Matt Rommel returns in Beyond the Law

Matt Rommel returns in Beyond the Law.  Retired from the marine corps and the California department of corrections, Matt Rommel still wants the peace and contemplation that a life as a museum docent was supposed to provide.  But there are complications:

Rommel has a mysterious house guest, an old pensioner from Rommel’s past, an old pensioner who knows Rommel’s secrets and has come to extract a terrible favor.

Carolyn has post-traumatic stress disorder.  Her seven-year-old daughter, Aubrey, is shifting the balance of power on the school ground and she has a seventy-year-old retired master gunnery sergeant to help her do it.

Rommel’s godson, Vince Garcia has made detective, and his boss wants Matt Rommel in Jail.

And finally, the head of the largest mercenary army in America has found the one thing guaranteed to drive Rommel rampaging over the edge.

We uploaded the novel yesterday afternoon. Between then and now, I must have checked Amazon dozens of times, waiting for its release.

The paperback version will be out in a couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this process.

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