Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Matt Rommel - A Free Sample, A Free Read, A Pleasant way to Pass the Time

Wherever you are on the planet, if you have access to a computer and Amazon.com, you can read a rather large sample of Matt Rommel's latest adventure, Beyond the Law.  Being a sample, it's free, of course.  I've looked at it, and, while I may be biased, I think it looks nifty and is a good representation of both the quality of writing and the story itself.  If you're from some exotic land (Canada, Indiana, Joplin), leave a note and let me know how you liked the free sample.

If you are an Amazon Premium customer, you can even borrow the book for free.  The whole book is availble for no charge.

And of course, if you want to own your own copy, Beyond the Law is yours for a modest fee.  Use a Kindle application and download the novel.

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