Friday, December 20, 2013

Matt Rommel - Battery Richmond P. Davis

Many of the locations in the Matt Rommel adventures are in San Francisco and Beyond the Law is no exception.  On the cover, we see one of the entrances / breezeways to the long abandoned Battery Richmond P. Davis.

Built in the 1930's in anticipation of the Second World War, Battery Davis was an artillery battery built to protect San Francisco from enemy naval forces.  Two sixteen inch guns were mounted at each end of the battery.  Sightings were taken by posts near each gun and relayed to a control center which provided targeting data for the guns.

Today, Battery Davis is part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area.  During the day, it is the premier hang gliding site for the city and a leash-free dog park.  At sundown, the tone of the park changes as the day dwellers go home and adolescent gangs move in to squat and drink over campfires.

As Matt Rommel discovers, there are worse things than a few drunken hoodlums.

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