Friday, November 15, 2013

So, what's a galley?

So, what's a galley?

Well, if you're chained to the oar in a Roman ship, you're in a galley.
Not coincidentally, if you are chained to the kitchen in a boat or a ship, you are also in a galley.

A sheet with camera ready art and copy to be approved for publication in a magazine is a galley.

And, what I am working through, the final - final draft before e-publication, yes, that's a galley too.  I love the way my manuscript looks, the way the pages lay out.  I love the story, of course, but I really love the look of the thing as a work of art.  This is my final chance to capture little flaws before publication as a Kindle e-book.  We are right there on the precipice.  It's happening.

I will have to do this again for the paperback version.  The pages lay differently.  For instance, chapters only begin on the right hand page.  That changes the pagination slightly.

Push, push, push, push.  It's all going to happen and soon.

Beyond the Law - Look for it. 

ps: Not the old Charlie Sheen movie, the new Matt Rommel adventure.

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