Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Carolyn Kast - Single Mother, Outcast, Damsel in Distress

Carolyn Kast - Single Mother, Outcast, Damsel in Distress

I learned something when I created Carolyn Kast.  The big lesson was that women have next to no sympathy for single mothers.

Families headed by a single mother experience a 42 percent decrease in income (old statistic).
Child support and alimony used to be a societal joke.  Deadbeat dads roamed America like great herds of bison, unmolested by the local District Attornies.

Once a woman is on her own, I suppose other women regard her as a potential threat.  If that's not true, then I can conjure only one other explanation.  Women regard broken marriages like some people regard disease, it's the victim's fault.

Carolyn Kast takes all of her lumps and then comes back to rebuild her life and rebuild a safe home for her daughter.  She also has to learn to fight to stay alive.

She is the counterpoint to Matt Rommel.  Matt Rommel has to learn to become a peaceful member of society.  Carolyn Kast has to learn to struggle, to fight back.

When you look at Carolyn Kast, don't look for the woman who runs from her persuers, twists her ankle and falls down.  Look for a person who desperately wants to stay alive.

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