Friday, August 29, 2014

Meet the Character Book Blog Tour - Matt Rommel

I have been invited by Laurel Anne Hill to join a book blog tour and to introduce a character from my most recent book, Beyond the Law.  I want to introduce you to Major Matt Rommel, USMC, Ret.

But don't forget to check out Laurel Anne Hill at her blog.  Here's a link:

Meet My Character:  Matt Rommel - In his own words.

My name is Matthew Rommel.  I have spent my adult life working with people, people that my country told me were evil, people the State of California told me were a threat to society.  Some of them did not survive.  None of them were ever the same.  At the end of it all, I was not the same either.  I cannot tell you, with certainty, that all of the things I did were right, or that there was even a point to it all.

I was a Marine Corps officer.  I was good at my job and I worked with some of the finest people you could hope to meet.  One day, the Corps asked me to do something that I could not bear to do.  After that, it was only a matter of time before I had to leave.  I retired.

I was a corrections officer with the California Department of Corrections.  I spent most of my career at San Quentin prison.  For ten years, I worked closely with convicted felons.  I protected myself and my fellow officers and I never let a convict work me.  I kept them at bay.  After years of this work, I kept my family at bay as well.  I’m not married anymore and that’s pretty much the reason why.  One day, I just knew I had to make a change.   Again, I retired.    I had to put it all behind me.

And I did.  Into every life comes good and bad fortune.  My good fortune involved money, a lot of it.  Now, I spend my days at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, one of San Francisco’s Fine Art museums as a docent.  Sometimes I give tours; sometimes I just stand there.  It’s a beautiful place dedicated those San Franciscans who served in The Great War.  It was dedicated as a place of healing.  I’m hoping it will work for me.

After years alone, people have come into my life, an attractive, smart, tough, and stylish single mother, and her daughter.  Take my word for it, that kid is a handful.

Now, an old comrade has established himself as my house guest, try as I might to get him to leave.  Seventy year-old Master Gunnery Michael Patrick Gilhooley, retired, has always meant trouble, to himself and everyone around him.  This time Gunny may just get us all killed.


  1. Thank you, Frank, for letting Matt join the blog tour.

  2. Thank you, Laurel Anne, it was my pleasure. As far as I can tell, this blog book tour that you organized has been a boon for a number of us. Thank you.