Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Amazon Scout is also into Max Tomlinson

It was scarcely a week ago.  I was pleased to present Max Tomlinson's review of my most recent novel.  If you recall, I mentioned that he has a following.  If I didn't explicitly state that Max writes a great story, I hope you understood that to be true.

You know who else thinks Max Tomlinson is a talented, crowd-pleasing writer?  Amazon.  Yeah, that Amazon.

Amazon Scout is looking into Max in a big way and you can get in on it.

Come October 30th, go to the site below and read a nice slice of Max's new action adventure.
Then use the link to let Amazon know how you liked it.

Personally, I can hardly wait.  I followed J.A. Konrath as he came up from traditional publishing to breakthrough in popular fiction.

Now I get to watch Max Tomlinson do it.  And I get to get in on the ground floor and watch it happen.

October 30th and for a few days afterward.  Don't miss out!


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