Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fan Art - Matt Rommel Series

"Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs."  Carl Sagan

Matt Rommel's adventures are contemporary, no epochs to be traversed.  But, there is something magical at work between a book and the person that reads that book.  If the book is good enough, the reader sets aside time, opens his or her mind, and lives the adventure within.

As modest as my achievements are, thanks to Amazon Kindle, thousands and thousands of copies of the adventures of Matt Rommel, Carolyn Kast and her not to be underestimated daughter Aubrey, and that wildman of a septuagenarian, Gunny are spread across the United States and around the world.

I love getting a review.  The fact that someone I usually don't know has taken the time to share their thoughts is a gift and, usually, an act of kindness.

Then there are a few people who go to a place that no one anticipates.  I'm talking Fan Art.

I got this photo from Mike M. - a reader who saw a photo and wanted me to know that this is how he sees Carolyn Kast's living room, high in the Berkeley hills.

I may have shared this one before.  Mey S.F. sent this to me.  Two things are obvious to me.
1) Mey lives in a really nice house.
2) The quality and composition of this photo (and another set outdoors) are MUCH better than the promotional products of many professional photographers.

Sometimes a reader will visualize and re-imagine the entire book cover.  Look at these:

There's no denying it, these covers are pretty snazzy.  My sincere thanks to Ankit S.  I'm not going to show the one with the Oprah Book Club seal attached.  Those people would probably be on me in a heartbeat and I honestly don't need the grief.  Ankit also sent me this a few months back:

There are other Matt Rommel's in the world, and this one is currently the Homecoming King at Irvine Community College.  Congratulations to this young Matt Rommel.

I cannot thank these people enough for their kindness, imagination, and talent.  The overwhelming part of this is the thought that, because of the miracle of the written word, these people took these stories into themselves and created a special place in their memories for Matt, Carolyn and the gang.

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