Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Palace of the Legion of Murder

Matt Rommel, Carolyn, Aubrey, and Gunny have a new adventure in the works, an adventure tied to the Palace of the Legion of Honor and early 20th century San Francisco.

I've done enough research on Alma de Bretteville Spreckles, the Legion of Honor, and the Pan American Exposition of 1915 that I am beginning the story itself.  I know that I will have to scurry back and dig up or confirm facts as I go along, but the story itself is pushing at me.

Things want to happen.  They need to be recorded.

This work has references to historical figures, but is is a complete fiction.  I can't repeat that enough.  Those historical figures, to my knowledge, never contemplated the fictional acts in this work, let alone perform them.

Of course, it is a matter of historical fact that Adolph Spreckles shot M.H. de Young in a fit of anger.  Ironically, the two major fine arts museums in San Francisco were founded by Spreckles and de Young.

So, fictionally speaking, how did it come to pass that the socialites fund drive for WWI Belgian relief, the Pan American Exposition of 1915, and the founding of Alma's pet project simmered for the better part of a century only to erupt into:

The Palace of the Legion of Murder

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  1. Frank,
    This story sounds so interesting. I'm looking forward to reading it.